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Vietnam TeachingVietnam TeachingVietnam TeachingVietnam TeachingVietnam TeachingVietnam Teaching

Teaching English in Vietnam can be quite fun and exciting given you are prepared and are working at a hassle free school. Here at Vietnam Teaching there are lots of things to help make your prep time shorter and your classes more enjoyable. We also offer some information on some key things that a Foreign teacher may need while living and working in Vietnam.  is for English as a Second Language  (ESL) teachers in Vietnam. On you will find information about Grammar. There are some great articles on many key areas that ESL learners struggle with such as verb tensesactive/passive verbsirregular verbs list and so on. Check out the Great Grammar section!!!

There is also a Forum which has many topics to discuss. The “Getting a Job Section” is a place to share your experiences with getting a job in Vietnam. The “Passport/Visa/Work permit section” has some great info for visa and passports which we all know can be a headache. Vietnam Teaching

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