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    Slang with Y, Slang Word of the Day


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    Definition: to quickly pull something (v.) | a quick pull (n.) Examples: 1.) The girls started a wild fight and they yanked each others’ hair and scratched each others’ faces. 2.) He didn’t want to come, and he wouldn’t even move until I gave his arm a good yank. Quick Quiz: Terri yanked my hair…

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    Slang with Y, Slang Word of the Day


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    Definition: 1.) an American. (noun) derogatory noun: yankee plural noun: yankees 2.) an inhabitant of New England or one of the northern states. (noun) U.S. noun: yankee plural noun: yankees Pronunciation: /ˈjaŋki/ Examples: 1.) Barry’s from Canada, so whatever you do don’t call him a Yankee. He really hates that. 2.) You are a Yankee and I…

  • Indie-300x299
    Slang with I, Slang Word of the Day



    Pronunciation: /ˈɪndi/ Your browser does not support the audio element. Source: Google –This ‘Slang word’ appears in these categories– Slang word of the Day Slang with I

  • big-fish-in-a-little-pond
    Idiom of the Week

    a big fish in a little pond (ếch ngồi đáy giếng)

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    Idiom (Thành Ngữ): A Big fish in a little pond (ếch ngồi đáy giếng) Definition (Định nghĩa): One of the most important people in a small group or organization, who would have much less power and importance if they were part of a larger group or organization. (Người có quyền lực trong môi trường nhỏ bé nhưng không…

  • Vamoose-320x380
    Slang with V, Slang Word of the Day


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    Definition: 1.) to depart quickly. (verb) informal verb: vamoose 3rd person present: vamooses past tense: vamoosed past participle: vamoosed gerund or present participle: vamoosing       Pronunciation: /vəˈmuːs/ Examples: 1.) The neighbors called the police, so we vamoosed. 2.) I told those noisy kids to vamoose. Origin: mid 19th cent.: from Spanish vamos ‘let us go’….

  • SCAM-240x380
    Slang with S, Slang Word of the Day


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    Definition: 1.) a dishonest scheme; a fraud. (noun) informal noun: scam plural noun: scams 2.) swindle. (verb) informal verb: scam 3rd person present: scams past tense: scammed past participle: scammed gerund or present participle: scamming Pronunciation: /skam/ Examples: 1.) Poor old John lost thousands of  dollars in an investment scam. 2.) Poor old Susie was…

  • Cushy-Job-300x198
    Slang with C, Slang Word of the Day


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    Definition: 1.) (of a job or situation) undemanding, easy, or secure. 2.) (of furniture) comfortable. (N. America) (adjective) informal adjective: cushy comparative adjective: cushier superlative adjective: cushiest Synonyms: easy, undemanding, untaxing Pronunciation: /ˈkʊʃi/ Examples: 1.) I’d like one of those cushy government jobs with loads of holidays and not much real work. 2.) Steve quit the cushy job he had…

  • Umpteen-320x480
    slang with U, Slang Word of the Day


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    Definition: many, countless Examples: 1.) I’ve told my staff umpteen times to double-check everything, but they still don’t do it. What more can I do? 2.) There have been umpteen research papers proving that diet is one of the major determiners of health and length of life, but most people still eat really bad food….

  • Washed-Up-320x480
    Slang with W, Slang Word of the Day

    Washed up | Washed-up

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    Definition: having failed, having lost everything Example: 1.) Jim used to be a successful businessman, but now that his company’s gone bankrupt and he’s lost everything, he’s washed up. 2.) Tom was shocked by the number of washed-up, homeless people she saw on the streets of American cities. Note: If used before a noun, a…



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