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Vietnam can be quite hectic sometimes, especially with all the traffic and running around that one must do to survive in a Vietnamese city. :-) :-) As English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers here at, we know some of the difficulties that teachers are faced with everyday.


Vietnam Teaching–About Us–ESL Teachers Vietnam

Here at we aim to take some of those difficulties away by providing you with great material and sources to live and teach in Vietnam.

Vietnam Teaching–About Us–ESL Teachers Vietnam  is for English as a Second Language  (ESL) teachers in Vietnam. On you will find information about Grammar. There are some great articles on many key areas that ESL learners struggle with such as verb tensesactive/passive verbsirregular verbs list and so on. Check out the Great Grammar section!!!

There is a Printable ESL Materials section which has a lot of great content for all ages. Check it out!!! There is a great selection of flash cards. We are working hard to bring you great content which will be updated regularly. also has a Vietnam Living section which has some information about Consulates in Vietnam. There will also be the ‘New ‘ Visa Information coming to the Vietnam Living section along with more great content in the near future. has a forum that is growing with ESL teachers in and near Vietnam. Come to the forum to discuss many topics about living and teaching English in Vietnam.

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Happy Hosting!!!!


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