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How to Pronounce the TH sound

The TH sound is quite a difficult sound to make for many people.


The question is:
How do we pronounce the TH?

The answer:
In 2 ways- /ð/ or /θ/


Ok ok, that didn’t help very much!   :-)

TH – voiced dental fricative:

voicedTHThis TH sounds like “this” and is a soft sound. To pronounce this TH, place the tip of your tongue between your top and bottom teeth and vibrate your vocal cords – it’s quite fun!

Words that have the /ð/ sound are:
- weather
- smooth
- other

TH – voiceless dental fricative:


Words with this TH are, for example, “thing” and “thought”. It is a much stronger sound. To pronounce this TH, do the same: place the tip of your tongue between your teeth but just blow air through your mouth without vibrating your vocal cords.

Words that have the /θ/ sound are:
- thank
- moth
- path
- youth

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